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Monaco Number Plate 23cm


Monaco Number Plate

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Let us introduce you this Monaco Number Plate 23cm, a realistic reproduction of a real Monaco car plate.

Moreover, the Monaco Number Plate 23cm presents here is a stylish and unique collector’s item.

It pays tribute to the glamorous and luxurious Principality of Monaco.

This number plate is a high-quality replica of the actual license plates used on vehicles in Monaco.

Thus, you can give this to your loved ones who like Monaco and they’ll be impressed.

Now, we will tell you more about Monaco Addict.

Two old friends, one working in the Gift and Souvenir Industry and the other one in Web Design, made MONACO ADDICT a reality.

Both of the founders were born in Monaco. They wished to spread the very special magic of this principality with the world.

The spirit of luxury, glamour, and seduction that surround us here creates a real inspiration for our designers.

In all our products you will find the flavour of Monaco: from the engaging and adrenaline rushing Grand-Prix event, to the elegant Place du Casino, exclusive shops and the glamorous yachts. All this makes you think you might just meet Princess Grace around the corner…

The  very special feeling of being in one of the most beautiful places in the world is catching our eyes and mind.

Thus, our aim is to share this piece of paradise with all of you through our products.

We want to spread our fashion sense in many amazing countries near and far…

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