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Royal Family of Monaco

royal family of monaco

Royal Family of Monaco

Get to know our royal family of Monaco better with a little bit of History and the family links among its members, and with our Prince.

Monaco, independent and sovereign state, has its own history, its own flag and its own anthem.

The Royal family of Monaco is composed of members considered dynasts within the family of the Prince of Monaco, sovereign of the Principality of Monaco.

The Sovereign Prince and the entire princely family belong to the third branch of the House of Grimaldi, which is one of the oldest ruling dynasties in the world.

The current members of the princely family of Monaco are:

H.S.H.Prince Albert II, Sovereign Prince of Monaco

H.S.H. Princess Charlene, wife of Prince Albert II of Monaco

The Hereditary Prince of Monaco, Jacques, Marquis des Baux, son of Albert II of Monaco, is the heir apparent to the Monegasque throne.

Princess Gabriella, Countess of Carladès, daughter of Albert II of Monaco. She is second in the order of succession to the throne of Monaco.

H.R.H. Princess Caroline, princess consort of Hanover, sister of Albert II of Monaco.

H.S.H. Princess Stephanie, Princess of Monaco, sister of Albert II of Monaco.

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