Apparel & Accessories for the whole family inspired by Monaco Lifestyle and Grand-Prix…. What else?


About us



                                       from the complicity of 2 old friends…


Founded by passionate individuals deeply rooted in the Gift & Souvenir Industry and Web Design, MONACO ADDICT was born from a shared vision to spread the captivating allure of Monaco worldwide. 

Both founders, hailing from the principality, held a collective aspiration to extend Monaco’s unique charm to a global audience.

Inspired by the ambiance of luxury, glamour, and seduction that envelops Monaco, our designers find themselves in an endless wellspring of creativity


This inspiration translates into our meticulously curated product range.


From the heart-pounding excitement of the Grand Prix to the refined elegance of the Place du Casino, our products bear the unmistakable Monaco signature. 

Immersed in this extraordinary milieu, we’re captivated by the sensation of being in one of the world’s most exquisite locales. 

Our mission is to share this exquisite piece of paradise with individuals across the globe through our products. 

Welcome to the world of MONACO ADDICT, where every product resonates with the magic of Monaco. Our commitment is to let you carry a piece of this enchantment wherever you go. 

Embrace a touch of elegance, luxury, and style that’s unmistakably MONACO ADDICT.