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Founded by passionate individuals deeply rooted in the Gift and Souvenir Industry and Web Design, MONACO ADDICT was born from a shared vision: to spread the captivating allure of Monaco worldwide.

Both founders, hailing from the principality, held a collective aspiration to extend Monaco’s unique charm to a global audience.

From the heart-pounding excitement of the Grand Prix to the refined elegance of the Place du Casino, the allure of exclusive shops, and the splendor of glamorous yachts, our products bear the unmistakable Monaco signature. It’s as if each item carries the whisper of a possible rendezvous with the spirit of Princess Grace herself.

Welcome to the world of MONACO ADDICT, where every product resonates with the magic of Monaco. Our commitment is to let you carry a piece of this enchantment wherever you go. Experience the Monaco allure through our products and embrace a touch of elegance, luxury, and style that’s unmistakably MONACO ADDICT.


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