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Where to eat in Monte-Carlo


Where to eat in Monte-Carlo

Welcome to Monaco, after enjoying its wonderful views, you would like to enjoy the best restaurants you can find. So, you might ask yourself, Where are the best places to eat at in Monte-CarloAnd Monaco Addict is here to help you! Here is a special review of the best places to eat at in Monaco, good food, nice atmosphere… you can have it all. 

Maya Bay

Sweet and cosy, The MAYA BAY restaurant drives you directly to Asia with his delicate Japanese and Thaï flavours and smells.

The MAYA BAY is an invitation to take some time to relax and to treat yourself.

Maya Bay



This restaurant follows the path of the MAYA BAY and propose you typical Indian savours in a place that embraces an Arabic style.

Maya Jah



 Beautiful Twiga offers a unique combination of different culinary flavours.

You’ll be able to travel from Japan to Italy in one single place.



Le Sass café

Warm lights and romantic vibes, the Sass Cafe proposes a Mediterranean cuisine. But the most interesting thing about this place is that around midnight, just like a princess. The wise and sweet vibes of this place changes to become a crazy party. 

Le Sass Ca


Song Qi

Specialized in Chinese gastronomy, SONG QI offers a particular experience based on complementary tastes and opposite textures. 

The design makes you feel like you are floating on a Chinese cloud.

Song Qi



This restaurant has become the place to be for art and sea fruit lovers. 

The place demonstrates the greatness and luxury of Monte-Carlo while giving a unique experience. 

Quai des Artistes


Le Grill

With its grilled meals and mediterranean menu, the Grill offers you a breathtaking setting, with a sunroof and panoramic sea view.

Le Grill