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Monaco’s circuit most tragic accidents


Monaco’s circuit most tragic accidents

Monaco’s Formula One racing circuit is known for its glamour, prestige, and high-speed thrills.

However, over the years, this iconic track has also witnessed some of the most tragic accidents in motorsport history.

The Monaco Formula One tragic accident that shook the world of racing occurred in 1962 when British driver Tony Brooks and American driver Dan Gurney collided at the start of the race. This incident caused a chain reaction that led to a fiery pile-up involving several other drivers, including Graham Hill and Phil Hill. The crash claimed the life of German driver Wolfgang von Trips and 15 spectators.

Two drivers ended up taking a dive in Monaco’s harbour the two-time F1 world champion Alberto Ascari in 1955 and ten years later in 1965 Paul Hawkins’ Lotus drove straight into the Mediterranean Sea. Fortunately, both were able to escape their sinking cars and swam safely to shore, greeted by their mocking mechanics.

Another tragic accident occurred during the 1967 Monaco Grand Prix, when British driver Bob Anderson lost control of his car and crashed into a barrier at high speed. Anderson’s car burst into flames, and he suffered severe burns that ultimately proved fatal.

The Monaco Formula One track also saw the tragic demise of British driver Mark Donohue in 1975. Donohue crashed his car during a practice session, causing serious head injuries that led to his death.

In 1985, the Monaco Grand Prix witnessed a horrific accident when Italian driver Elio de Angelis lost control of his car and plunged into the barriers at the Portier corner. De Angelis suffered severe head injuries and was in a coma for several days before succumbing to his injuries.

The Monaco Grand Prix has also witnessed some miraculous escapes, such as the incident involving American driver, Bob Bondurant, in 1967.

Bondurant’s car flipped over several times and caught fire, but he managed to escape with only minor injuries. The same year, British driver, Ian Raby, also miraculously survived a horrific crash that saw his car split in half. In 1986 when British driver Jonathan Palmer collided with a barrier at high speed. Palmer was lucky to escape with only minor injuries.

Other notable accidents in Monaco Grand Prix history include the 1965 crash involving British driver, John Taylor, and the 2004 crash involving Jenson Button. However, perhaps the most famous incident occurred in 1985 when Stefan Bellof collided with Jacky Ickx, causing both cars to crash into the barriers. The accident left Bellof with severe injuries that he would later succumb to.

Monaco‘s Formula One racing circuit has also witnessed some of the most iconic moments in motorsport history, such as Ayrton Senna’s record-breaking six wins and Michael Schumacher’s five victories.

However, the tragedies that have occurred on this track serve as a stark reminder of the dangers of high-speed racing. As the world of Formula One continues to evolve and push the limits of technology and speed, it is important to remember the sacrifices made by those who came before us in pursuit of their passion.


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