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Monaco from the Past

Monaco from the Past

Some amazing black & white pictures from Monaco in the 50’s….and a video for those who are a little bit more curious.

Prince Rainier III, who succeeded his father as king of Monaco in 1949, Married Grace Kelly, a stunning American actress, in 1956. Prince Rainier III made significant contributions to the region’s economic development. And his wife was instrumental in elevating the tiny country’s image and promoting the arts. They had three kids together: Caroline, Albert, and Stephanie. As the youngest and a singer, model, and party queen in the 1980s, Princess Stephanie was a regular in the tabloids.


Prince Rainier III changed Monaco’s constitution. He is also credited with boosting the country’s economy. And lowering the country’s dependence on gambling from 9 percent of income to 3 percent today. The sudden passing of Grace Kelly in an automobile accident in 1982 sent shockwaves around the globe. Prince Rainier III, a respected monarch, continued to govern Monaco after she passed away.


Monaco’s economic growth comes in part from tourism, gambling, and finance. Monaco is well-known for its Casinos, and people travel there from all over the world to gamble there. Monaco takes great pleasure in its friendliness and delectable cuisine. Visitors from all over the globe come to the beautiful coast to enjoy the wonderful Mediterranean climate.

The governing Grimaldi family has done a lot to advance the arts and society in Monaco. A staggering variety of top-notch art exhibits and musical events are available to visitors all year long, many of which are sponsored by the royal family. The Princess Grace Foundation, which also supports Princess Grace Dance Academy. And other foundations and charities have been established by the family to advance different causes such as protecting the environment.

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