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Whether you want a customized t-shirt for the Formula E or Formula One events in Monaco, or just so you can add a personal touch to your wardrobe, you will want to find the right company to handle its production. Monaco Addict has fast become the home of customizable t-shirts and custom t-shirt design in Monaco and it isn’t hard to see why.

customize2Customized t-shirts are an amazing way to get into the spirit of the Monaco Grand-Prix, but that’s not all they can do. Through Monaco Addict you can customize clothing for both personal and professional events. Are you attending a business event? Do you want to create a powerful look for promotional purposes? Then we can help! Are you hosting a birthday party? Maybe you’re looking for the perfect gift? Then we can customize a custom t-shirt design for such very special occasion!

By now you know that Monaco Addict is more than just a custom t-shirt company; we are the premiere destination for all you t-shirt customization needs.



You may think that customization is simply limited to one-size-fits-all shirts and that’s it, but when it comes to Monaco Addict it definitely isn’t. We offer so much more through our customizable clothing range. Size wise you can expect to find full men’s, women’s, and children’s ranges, with larger and smaller sizes available upon request.

monaco grand prix pink customised baseball cap with starry visor_mediumAfter finding the perfect size you can then create the foundation of your new t-shirt.
Start by selecting the type of shirt you like from our range of customizable t-shirts. Colors available in the range include white, black, pink, and much more. The base of any t-shirt is what you are going to be wearing on a daily basis, so we don’t skimp on quality in such department. Each shirt within our customization range is made from 100% natural ringspun cotton, with no expense being spared when it comes to comfort. Simply put, when you buy one of our shirts you can do so knowing that it will stand up to constant wear and tear.

T-shirt customization is more than just a fancy design; it is about wearability, something that we understand better than anyone else.



The t-shirt or t-shirts you end up choosing may look great on their own, but it is customization and personalization that can take it to the next level. Through Monaco Addict’s customization options we give new meaning to the terms “design your own shirt” and “make your own shirt”. Firstly, you can add sleeve designs through text to any and all of our men’s and children’s shirts featured within the customization range, while our ladies designs allow you to customize the bottom of the shirt as well.

When you choose us to handle your t-shirt customization needs, you won’t just be left with a standard design to choose from. You will be able to customize your chosen t-shirt with your name or a short message of up to 12 characters.


Are you on the lookout for a custom t-shirt design for the upcoming Monaco Grand-Prix? Do you want something that truly sets you apart from the rest? Then Monaco Addict has you covered every step of the way. Start by visiting From there just select the customization range, before feasting your eyes on all the shirts you can personalize to you heart’s content.

  • 1. After finding a t-shirt that takes your fancy,
  • 2. select the size,
  • 3. before inputting your text of choice to make your t-shirt truly yours.

Has the Call Me t-shirt caught your eye? Maybe the Monaco Grand-Prix baseball cap is more your style? When you are ready to add a touch of customized style to your wardrobe, it’ll be time for you to visit the “customize me” section at Monaco Addict !

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